Paphos Property Management For Overseas Owners

NOW WELCOMING NEW CLIENTS Meli Property Services provides property management services for studios, apartments, townhouses, villas and commercial properties. Put yourselves in our expert hands and we will provide you with complete property solutions.

We’ve served private owners and investors in the Paphos area for over a decade. If you have 1) a holiday rental property 2) a holiday home 3) a property for sale 4) a long term tenant in place or 5) an empty property, we can most certainly help you! We take pride in our personal, transparent, and regular interactions with our clients. We aim for and achieve a high standard of ethics married with a 5* quality service level which is second to none plus we focus exclusively on property management and that’s why we are the leading expert property manager in Paphos.

Minimise your risk exposure and maximise your return on investment. Entrust your home to us, choose the expert at Meli Property Services for all your property management needs.

Property Management Packages

We perform regular inspections to ensure the quality and maintenance of your property. We communicate with you in live time at your property so you can have peace of mind. Call us anytime to go and check it for you! Make sure that your investment is safe while you are abroad.

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Professional Cleaning Services

Weekly changeovers?  Holiday tenants coming in and out? Don’t worry we will arrange all the details so you don’t have to stress! Great for long term lets and don’t forget about properties for sale! Reasonable prices and we double check every property that’s cleaned to make sure standards are kept high.

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General Maintenance

We use only the best contractors and can arrange for regular pool or garden maintenance which is all checked and overseen by a professional property manager. Contact us today so you can get the whole package to take all the worries off your mind of maintaining your Paphos property

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Repairs & Improvements

We use only the best contractors (electricians, plumbers, painters, builders). We obtain 3-5 quotes for you and help  you to select the best one. Their work is supervised and a final check is performed by a professional property manager for your peace of mind. We send pictures so you pay when you’re satisfied.

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Optional Extras

For Landlords & Tenants convenience (1) Inventories, (2) Utility Transfers, (3) Meet & Greets, (4) Welcome  Packs, (5) Guest Information Folders, (6) Baby Equipment Hire, (7) Airport Transfers / Taxis, (8) Car Hire, (9) Catering, (10) Business Services, (11) Relocation Services

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Paphos’ Most-Trusted Professional Expert Property Manager

A personalized service for owners that need someone they can trust and rely on to maintain their homes to PERFECTION!

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Why choose us

We’re a well established company, having been in Paphos since 2003 so you get all the benefits of our experience. We have no intention of leaving paphos as we are well settled here. We are not a faceless company, you get to deal direct with the owner so it’s the same point of contact. We liaise on your behalf with hundreds of contacts for whatever help you need, all tried and tested through personal experience. We have an excellent reputation! Just check out our references for evidence. Choose us and you won’t be disappointed as we will exceed all your expectations, even if you’ve had a bad experience in the past with a different company. Choose us and you will feel and see the difference in how we handle problems and how your property is kept looking new and shiny!
Check out all our positive testimonials we have loads of happy customers who had bad experiences with previous property managers. Time and time again they comment how efficient we are. We are easy going and pleasant to deal with. No problem cannot be solved we will always find a way and keep you informed at every step! Watch your property increase in value with us looking after it as we advise you on the best alterations and repairs. We know what additions add value so you can trust our time tested advice.
We pride ourselves on ethical business practices and that really makes us stand out from the rest. We don’t make comment without backing up with hard evidence. We tell you the honest truth even if it’s sometimes difficult to hear. You know you can trust our advice as we are talking from personal experience and together with years of business practice in the industry you can reap the benefit from our superior local knowledge.
You get loads of value for a small fee and prevent massive bills in the long run from bad tenants, unpaid bills & damages. You pay cost price for repairs/maintenance as we don’t charge commission since we think it’s a total conflict of interest. Our fee is fixed and transparent so you know exactly what you’re paying us and what you are getting for your hard earned money. We also don’t have a big office and massive overheads so we can pass the savings onto our clients!
We take care of all the stresses and problems. We fix them properly and keep you informed every step of the way. Your tenants can call us anytime and we will answer and fix the problem properly. This means you won’t receive middle of the night calls or distressed messages from tenants on weekends and public holidays. You will just receive a message from us indicating a problem, what we did about it and originals of relevant receipts. You can relax knowing that your property and tenants are being professionally cared for.
We’ve handled many conflicts between landlords and tenants and we always offer both sides a fair deal so everyone walks away happy. We’re also very patient with years of experience dealing with difficult people. We have helped many owners to empty properties of problem tenants within days and we’ve even handled conflict resolutions between owners and developers. You can trust us and our contacts to find the best solution to make sure that your best interests are looked after.
We’re pleasant and polite. We’re easy going and reliable. Choose us and you we will strive to exceed all your expectations. We aim for a good long term relationship because we want your positive recommendations and referrals! We have a great sense of humour, we’re patient, we are very quick to respond because we use technology to help our clients so we keep you informed every step of the way with photographs or videos even in live time if necessary. People can copy our website or our products but they can’t copy our character and that makes us unique! You can rest assured that with a pleasant attitude much more can be accomplished. We listen carefully and we can follow your instructions. We collaborate on all decisions and we can advise you if necessary but the final choice is always yours.
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Melissa Lowndes - Paphos' Leading Expert Property Manager

Professionally, I have over a decade of experience in Property Management, Sales, Customer Services and Marketing and a Masters degree in Real Estate with distinction! I speak many different languages including English, Spanish, Greek and a little Cantonese!
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Can’t recommend Melissa highly enough. She’s an expert when it comes to Cyprus property both purchasing and managing rental homes. Her unique quality is that she truly cares about her clients as people spending time to get to know them as friends so she can ensure they get the best from their property investment or their dream home that’s perfect in every way. Melissa takes care of my rental home for me (has done for over 7 years) and it couldn’t be in safer hands.
Sarah Gormley
Melissa has many years of professional experience managing all different types of property in Paphos. I would highly recommend you contact her if you are looking for someone that you can rely on to communicate with you and to help you make informed decisions about any aspect of your Paphos property management and maintenance.
Kriszta Korosi
I would personally have no hesitation in recommending Melissa to any overseas property owner who is looking for a reliable person that they can trust 100%. Please never be fooled by people who offer and then don’t deliver. Melissa is one of the most genuine business ladies you will find in property management and will give you peace of mind when thousands of miles away.
Andrea Etherington
Having dealt with Melissa on many occasions I found her to be very professional, knowledgeable and correct in her dealings. She always went above and beyond what was needed and there was never a time where she let us down or feeling disappointed. I have already recommended many people to her, who have been equally satisfied.
Brian Farrell
I’ve seen first hand how much Melissa cares about her clients. She will always go out of her way to help them. She is by far the best and most professional property manager in Paphos and she deserves every success.
G Andres Posada
Melissa is a very well organised professional who can assist you in all aspects of your property management needs. She has a strong background in Real Estate and has excellent knowledge of the local market. I wish she expands her activities in other cities soon! She is highly recommended!!!
Thomas Dimopoulos
Very easy to deal with and by far the best I have ever dealt with!
Paul Bradbury
I would recommend the company at any time thoroughly trustworthy and the job gets done
Karen Young
I personally know and work with Melissa and I’m more than happy to highly recommend her. Great person, great services.
Liliana Mateev
Melissa is a real professional and very effective for her customers. She really cares about what she does and becomes friends with her customers
Evis Hadjipetrou
Meli Property services provide amazing and personal service with experienced staff that make sure you are always satisfied.
Viktoria Andrejeff

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